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What Is LabTwin?

LabTwin is the leading AI-powered digital lab assistant. Efficient companies use LabTwin’s voice-recognition capabilities to accelerate innovation by digitizing mundane, manual lab tasks and to improve information access, thereby making science actionable with reliable data.

Why Should I Choose LabTwin?

Capturing reliable data accurately can be challenging in labs where personal protective equipment is required. Taking gloves off to work a touchscreen or leaving a clean room environment to log notes wastes time, but trying to remember everything until you’re back at a desk is risky. The LabTwin large language model (LLM) leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically capture and sort spoken data and answer queries about your lab’s processes and methods wherever you’re working.

LabTwin uses encryption, user authentication, and data access controls to ensure data security and privacy. You can be sure that your data is protected in the LabTwin application.

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Examples of LabTwin Applications

Sterile Environments

Working in a clean room environment or with aseptic packaging requires a level of PPE that makes manual entry of notes time-consuming and challenging. The voice-activated, accurate transcription and method capture that LabTwin enables can streamline this process.

In Vivo/ Vitro Testing

When you’re working with mice in a lab, you have your hands full. The voice-activated data capture, protocol access, ELN interface, and timing features of LabTwin can act as a second set of hands and eyes for you.

Sample Preparation

If you’re pulling samples from the manufacturing line in Level A PPE, the most efficient way to log them is to talk it through with LabTwin. Once you’re back in the lab and unencumbered, LabTwin’s integration with your ELN or LIMS makes testing simple.

Method Development Training

LabTwin can be loaded with any relevant methods (you can even add your own), and it will read those methods back to you on the bench. The AI features can now make suggestions based on what’s already in LabTwin to make method capture even easier. You’ll never waste a reagent again or struggle with heavy moving parts while looking up a process. LabTwin can tell you what to do next.

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LabTwin Features


LabTwin Features

LabTwin Value

    • Connects to your lab informatics ecosystem through optional bidirectional interfaces to an ELN or LIMS
    • Enables real-time, hands-free, accurate data access and capture, wherever you happen to be
    • Provides advanced voice technology trained on a large natural-language processing model built from life science documents and speech, surpassing other digital assistants with 95% dictation accuracy
    • In the back end, data captured with LabTwin is automatically processed and structured by AI to facilitate downstream FAIR data integration and wise business decisions
    • LabTwin enables better documentation and makes regulatory compliance that much easier

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