Case Studies


Improving Lab Efficiency: How dsm-firmenich Leveraged LabTwin’s Digital Lab Assistant

Case Study – DSM-Firmenich faced challenges with manual documentation slowing down lab processes, highlighting the need for better data quality, efficiency, and digital capabilities. By implementing LabTwin, they revolutionized their operations, enabling hands-free data capture and streamlined workflows with real-time assistance and integration with Revvity ELN Signals Notebook. This led to 100% real-time digitization, a 16% increase in data capture, and an average time saving of 56 minutes per week for scientists.

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In Vivo Preclinical Studies

Case Study – In vivo experiments during preclinical development demand extensive documentation, such as recording real-time effects of drug dosing or monitoring surgical procedures. A LabTwin user often interrupted these procedures to note key data like ECG traces, anesthetic administration, or biopsy sampling.

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Microscopy and GXP with Lab Twin

Case Study – Introducing Microscopy and GXP with Lab Twin. Safely annotate microscopic findings, such as drug efficiency or toxicity, in low-light conditions and seamlessly transition from R&D to commercialization in regulated industries.

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