Providing a simple and fast way to request analyses and view results.

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With the release of SampleVision v3.0, the regulated industries have finally gotten the GxP-compliant tool they deserve to simplify clinical trial administration, facilitate pharmaceutical best sourcing, or enable targeted food safety recalls, all in the palms of their hands.

Location Icon

Accurate Field Sampling

Geotagging and camera interface provide location services of each sample

Built-in Audit Trail and Electronic Signatures

Added security and historical view of changes for audit purposes

Electronic Push Notifications

Automatic notifications via email or mobile device about sample status

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Automatic Posting

Certain criteria enable sample submission straight to LIMS as a customer (no admin intervention)


Why SampleVision? Well, do you…

  • ever wonder why there isn’t a mobile LIMS portal app for your nonlaboratory users?
  • wish there was a convenient way to log samples in the field?
  • often wait a long time to get testing results back from an overwhelmed lab?
  • field constant email or phone requests from people asking for samples or testing results?
  • receive test requests via paper or PDF forms that have missing fields and spelling errors



Challenges with Sample Testing Requests

SampleVision™ reduces headaches at both ends of the sample tracking and testing process by automating sample requests and results retrieval through a mobile-friendly, cloud-based application that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Immediate Access to Lab Results

Get notification of completed results 24/7. Immediate visibility to request/sample status, anytime on any device

Expand Your User Base Beyond the Lab

No training or additional LIMS licenses required

Dashboards & PDFs

Visually represent your data; intuitively display sample tracking status and details

Remove Human Error

Eliminate missing fields of information, illegible remarks, or missing paperwork

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Hear the possibilities with the SampleVision Mobile App for your Lab

  • Submit samples for analysis while in the field
  • Get notifications to view results as soon as they are ready
  • Use voice commands for searching results or populating description fields
  • Handle test assignment both manually through SampleVision and automatically through the LIMS
  • Support both routine and nonroutine testing

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Lab results from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

How It Works

SampleVision™ is a purpose-built LIMS portal system that is simple and intuitive to use as well as easy to set up and get running fast. It connects seamlessly with major LIMS products—including STARLIMS v12 and above, SampleManager LIMS™ 12.1 SP2 and above, LabWare LIMS™ v.7 and above, and LabVantage 8.4.6 and above—on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC. Your customers can enter sample and test information remotely and obtain timely results to improve their business decisions and increase customer satisfaction.

Dashboards are enhanced with data visualization tools that allow your customers to see the status of their data in real time. Customers get status updates and results retrieval at their fingertips, and your stakeholders are kept in the loop.

SampleVision v2.1 provides a mobile-based application designed to allow customers to perform the most critical functions via Android or iOS Apple devices. Administrative and configuration capabilities are provided by the robust web version, along with less commonly used functions.

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