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About Us

LIMS Wizards, LLC, a global scientific software solutions provider, was founded by experts with 30+ years’ experience working with top-tier LIMS, ELN, CDS, and the instruments that interface with them. We have worked side-by-side with countless laboratories in a wide variety of regulated and non-regulated industries across the full lifecycle of products from inception to retirement. We have seen how their labs run, listened to their pain points, talked with their personnel, and engaged with their customers.

It’s our unique perspective that allows us to identify opportunities for digital transformation and optimization within R&D and Quality operations. We develop partnerships with innovative product vendors and market their transformative solutions.

Where superior products are not available, we develop our own world-class software solutions. In all cases the products we supply make science actionable for both internal and external customers of the laboratory.


Our mission is to develop and deploy intuitive software solutions that quickly transform scientific data/information into wise business decisions.


To make the world a better place by enabling fact-based business decisions in near real-time from laboratory generated scientific data.

What We Do

Scientific laboratory data backs important work that enables our society to heal, conserve, remediate, discover, grow, and learn. As companies move to digital transformation (remote working and automation), laboratories adapt with new, and sometimes independent technology like laboratory informatics (LIMS, LES and ELN). These are often point solutions, targeted and highly technical for scientific users and communities.

However, additional solutions are needed to improve productivity within the laboratory and to provide better communication to the broader organization beyond the laboratory.

LIMS Wizards, LLC was formed to fill these needs by developing software solutions that are:

  •  intuitive enough to use with minimal or no training
  •  device platform independent for the end-user
  •  configurable only; no customization required
  •  deployable either in a traditional model or SaaS

We provide solutions that bridge the gap between traditional informatics and the digital transformation imperative.

LIMS Wizards, LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of CSols Inc.

Contact Us

Are you ready to dive into one of LIMS Wizards’ products or have a few questions before making your decision? If so, reach out to us below and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options.