Frequently Asked Questions

Who are LIMS Wizards’ products made for?

Anyone who has a mission-critical analytical laboratory (e.g., chemical, petrochemical, consumer products, mining and minerals, water utilities, pharmaceutical/biotechnology research, academia, health care, plastics) can take advantage of LIMS Wizards products.

Who do LIMS Wizards products cater to?
LIMS Wizards products are targeted to the scientist, business leader, or customer who needs to use laboratory-generated analytical results to make key decisions about product development, customer service, or technology improvements.

Do all LIMS Wizards products deal with laboratory informatics?
Yes, all LIMS Wizards products are designed to support digital transformation in the organization through wise use of laboratory-generated scientific data.

If I have a gap in my use of laboratory-generated scientific data or processes that needs to be filled, how do I share that with LIMS Wizards?
Feel free to reach out to with your idea.

What languages can LabTwin support?

LabTwin is available in English and German. Additionally, the Natural Language Processing (NLP) layer gives LabTwin the ability to understand different accents. The LabTwin team has tested the app with English and German speakers of more than 22 different nationalities to ensure high transcription accuracy.

What makes LabTwin better than other voice assistants?

LabTwin is trained to understand scientific terms better than general-purpose voice assistants. Moreover, the LabTwin app is built for scientific workflow support. LabTwin provides a dedicated framework to capture and structure lab data as well as connect to lab hardware and software.

Is LabTwin secure?

The security of our customers’ data is a top priority at LabTwin and the protection of your data is ensured at every level. LabTwin is ISO certified with secure hosting and device-level encryption. Reach out if you’d like more information.

Where is the data stored?

Client data is stored on Amazon Web Services in Europe. The cloud deployment strategy is flexible, and it can also be deployed to private cloud tenants or installed on premises (with the caveat that other deployment models are more difficult to maintain)

Which operating systems do you support?

LabTwin runs on iOS and Android for smartphones and tablets.

How long does it take to implement LabTwin in the lab?

LabTwin is an off-the-shelf solution and can be used from Day One simply by downloading the app and logging in. For a custom integration with lab informatics systems, however, 3 to 4 weeks are usually necessary.

What infrastructure prerequisites are there to implementing LabTwin?

All you need is a smartphone or tablet and a LabTwin login. That’s it!

Do you provide customization?

Yes. Our team can help you develop a custom solution for a specific use case or integration.

How do we get started with LabTwin?

Click here to schedule a consultation with one of our lab informatics experts who will help you tailor the right approach for your organization.


Is SampleVision a LIMS?

No, SampleVision interfaces with your LIMS to streamline sample collection and logging, results retrieval, and reporting.

What LIMS solutions work with SampleVision?

SampleVision works with STARLIMS v12 and above, SampleManager LIMS™12.1 SP2 and above, LabWare LIMS™ v.7 and above, and LabVantage 8.4.6 and above. Contact LIMS Wizards if you need support for another LIMS.

What browsers are compatible with SampleVision?
For Windows, Firefox and Chrome are compatible. For iOS, Safari; and for Android, Chrome.

What languages are supported for SampleVision?
Currently, English, Spanish, and French versions are available. Contact LIMS Wizards if you need support for another language.

How many sign-ins or users come with SampleVision?
SampleVision can be configured for as many users as you need. There will be different user/subscription levels available based on the number of customer users and lab users. For more details, contact a sales representative at

How do I change my password?
Users may change their passwords in the User Settings function.

What happens if I forget my password?
There is a link at the bottom of the SampleVision login screen for Forgot/Reset Password. Click that and the system will help you reset your password.

How many times can I type in the wrong password before I get locked out?
The system admin will configure the number of failed login attempts before the user account is locked.

How often do passwords expire?
Your system admin can choose a length of time for password refreshes.

What dashboards are available on the Web interface?
Current dashboards include pie graphs and stacked bar graphs with status of your requests and samples, configurable by sample status and date range.

Can we drill down on the dashboards  on the Web interface?
Yes. Dashboard graphs allow for drilldown to view data subsets. The drilldown also offers result reporting capability.

Can you configure the graphs on the SampleVision dashboard in the Web interface?
You can choose which sample status to display in the graphs, as well as specify a date range. If you are a lab admin, you can choose which customers appear. Users can zoom in and out on the bar graphs.

In what formats can results be provided?
Your results are reported in a PDF with configurable formats, showing samples and results from LIMS. Several reporting layouts are available, selectable by the user.

Where do the test and sample type lists come from? Can those lists be configured?
Tests and sample types are configured in LIMS and downloaded to SampleVision for use.

Does SampleVision support automatic tests from the LIMS?
Yes. Any tests that are configured to run automatically in the LIMS can also be triggered by a request in SampleVision.

What are the options for configurability in the mobile interface?
Configurations for the mobile app are controlled by the settings in the web interface. In the web interface, lab admins can configure which fields are available in the request and sample screens. Users can choose default items and report layouts or enable/disable notifications for the mobile app.

Is there an option to work hands free?
Yes, voice control is possible for searching results and tests if you enable that feature in your Android or iOS device.

Can you submit samples without selecting a test?
Yes. You can submit samples with or without identifies. If you don’t identify a test the LIMS must have automatic tests configured. Users will need to use a sample template or workflow specified by the lab admin.

When can I see my results from the LIMS?
When the testing is complete in the LIMS, the requester will receive a notification that their results are available either via email or a push to their mobile device. On demand, you can also see in the SampleVision dashboard that the status is complete. Push notifications are enabled by the admin or user for email or your mobile device.

How often does SampleVision check the LIMS for results?
Lab admin users can set the frequency of updates. Notifications come through at the same frequency. SampleVision will also check for updates whenever a user logs in.

How many samples can I submit at one time?
You can submit an unlimited number of samples. The sample request form adds rows as you enter samples.

How do I ship the sample being tested?
Label sample containers with the labels printed from SampleVision. Send the samples to the lab. A label for the request is also available for printing, if needed.

How do I purchase SampleVision? SampleVision is sold exclusively by LIMS Wizards sales representatives, who can help you with licensing agreements. Please contact us at to learn more.

How do I change my SampleVision agreement?
Information about canceling or modifying your SampleVision licensing agreement is included in your contract.