Transforming scientific data into wise business decisions through intuitive software products.

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Founded by experts with 30+ years’ experience in the lab informatics space, LIMS Wizards offers products  and apps that complement laboratory informatics systems (e.g., LIMS, ELN, LES) to encourage organizational digital transformation and improve scientific data integrity, visualization, and analytics.

We provide productivity solutions within the laboratory and at the interface between the laboratory and the broader organization so that sensible, fact-based business decisions can be made in near real time. Our lab informatics apps and other business solutions can help organizations save time and money.


No Hidden Agendas

We are here for one reason, to fulfill the unmet needs for your business with solutions for the lab and organization.


Off the Shelf, Easy to Use

Designed with speed of deployment and minimal training in mind.


Experts in Lab Informatics

Decades of experience working with labs and LIMS/ELN and CDS solutions.


Platform Independent

World class products specifically designed to work on any end-user device, anywhere at any time.

With a little bit of magic and flash, our products transform science into results that your users can understand and act on.

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A simple and fast way to request analyses and view results.

Streamline your workflow with on-demand status updates, dashboards and visualization tools, and results retrieval from anywhere on the mobile friendly, cloud-based portal.

Let SampleVision provide real-time results for your clients.

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Enhanced laboratory digitization with AI and voice

Carry out your daily laboratory tasks with guidance on the steps to be performed, and capture your results, notes, and observations without resorting to the use of paper.

Let LabTwin be the personal assistant you have always dreamed of.

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