AI-powered Features for Scientific Discovery

LabTwin has been built on a robust natural language processing model. Now, the developers at LabTwin are putting an immense artificial intelligence (AI) language model in the hands of individual users. This enhancement provides several benefits for the users such as Automatic Data Structuring, AI-generated inquiries, and Protocol Ingestion.

White paper: LabTwin AI Use Case Catalog


Automatic Data Structuring


LabTwin can sort spoken data into tables or predefined templates and generate reports. It includes an automatic reporting function for method development.


AI-generated Inquires


Ask LabTwin to check:

  • inventory information like a reagent’s location in cabinets
  • safety information like safe disposal requirements
  • scientific knowledge like molecular weight or simple dilution calculations
  • instrument statuses like calibration dates


Protocol Ingestion


Effortlessly convert your protocols into interactive spoken workflows with AI. Or create new protocols by leveraging existing procedures.


LabTwin’s AI can predict the next steps.

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