Envision the Lab of the Future with an AI-enabled Digital Lab Assistant

February 15, 2023

Interconnected systems and data are what the future lab will run on. If you want to bring your lab into the future, an AI-enabled and voice-powered digital lab assistant like LabTwin can be a foundational step. LabTwin’s 95% accuracy with voice capture means that you can be confident that your data is accurately transcribed. LabTwin understands how much a single error can damage the scientific team’s trust. The safety and efficiency gains are a bonus. In this blog post, you’ll learn how the AI features in LabTwin can help when you adopt a digital lab assistant to bring your organization closer to the Lab of the Future today.

The Role of an AI-enabled and Voice-powered Digital Lab Assistant

The LabTwin digital lab assistant is revolutionizing laboratories and preparing organizations for the future with automation and enhanced collaboration. LabTwin enables hands-free, real-time data capture and structuring to automate previously manual routine tasks. These automations help to streamline laboratory processes, improve data accuracy, and eliminate human errors.

The large language models (LLMs) behind LabTwin can turn spoken data into structured data tables and then automate the transfer from the lab bench to your ELN or LIMS. This way, the LabTwin digital lab assistant facilitates collaboration between scientists and their teams. Anyone with access to the system can easily find results from any lab in the organization within a few hours after the end of the experiment.

The LabTwin digital lab assistant leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance laboratory operations and decision-making processes. The wireless internet capabilities of LabTwin can support remote and virtual work, enabling scientists to collaborate from anywhere for seamless workflow continuity.

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Increasing Productivity in the Lab of the Future with AI

The AI-enabled and voice-powered LabTwin digital lab assistant boosts efficiency and productivity in the lab of the future. LabTwin is built on scientific and technical LLMs that can enable AI-powered optimized data structuring and answer lab-specific questions that include
• safety information,
• material properties like molecular weights and dilutions,
• instrument status,
• and inventory information.

LabTwin can also help scientists execute experiments more efficiently by providing real-time access to experimental procedures, which can prompt the user through steps and data capture. Users can ask for calculations or timers while experimenting.

A useful feature of LabTwin lies in the ability to make voice-powered inquiries about protocols at the bench that leverage the underlying LLMs and integrations. These inquiries can talk you through existing protocols or help you develop new ones based on the stored methods in its library.

Another useful AI capability of the LabTwin digital lab assistant is that it can help your lab optimize resource allocation and inventory management. The locations of commonly used reagents, consumables, or raw materials can be monitored and identified as you walk from the bench to the storage area. The quantity remaining can also be tracked, and items that need to be replenished can be added to a supply list, making it easier to reorder when supplies are low.

White paper: LabTwin AI Use Case Catalog

Overcoming Challenges and Maximizing ROI with the LabTwin Digital Lab Assistant

The AI-enabled and voice-powered LabTwin digital lab assistant can be a wise business investment because it helps organizations overcome logistical, analytical, or innovation challenges and will maximize their return on investment. Overcoming resistance to adopting new technologies is always a challenge and will continue to be in the lab of the future. The LabTwin digital lab assistant makes adoption easier because it is an intuitive product that learns your processes as it captures and structures your lab data. The LabTwin deployment model includes ample support for change management and training to ensure a successful implementation. Organizations can measure the return on investment (ROI) of implementing LabTwin as your digital lab assistant because there are immediate impacts on reduced human error and increased efficiency

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