WEBINAR RECORDING: Empowering dsm-firmenich Scientists With Voice-Powered Digital Lab Assistants to Improve R&D Efficiency

dsm-firmenich, a worldwide science-based organization committed to sustainable advancements in Life Sciences, has implemented LabTwin’s digital lab assistant across various laboratories worldwide to expedite their innovation process.

Request this webinar featuring Willi Gottstein, Senior Scientist responsible for digitalization at dsm-firmenich, and Célia Gasselin, in charge of Growth at LabTwin. They will explore the digitalization challenges faced by dsm-firmenich, the role of hands-free data capture as a solution, highlight the optimal use cases, and discuss the resulting improvements in efficiency and data quality in their R&D labs.

Discussion points addressed in the webinar:

  • The digital transformation strategy at DSM
  • The use-cases for voice
  • How a digital lab assistant can improve data and save time
  • The ROI of a digital lab assistant


Webinar - LabTwin at Life Sciences R&D