How to Submit Samples for Testing Without a LIMS License

October 19, 2023


Laboratory information management system (LIMS) licenses are expensive, and when you work in a distributed organization with a central lab and many collection points, it isn’t feasible to provide all potential submitters with their own LIMS license. We’re here to tell you that there is an easier way. It is possible, and even easy, to submit samples for testing without a LIMS license using SampleVision and its sample tracking app.

Background on SampleVision

SampleVision is an innovative, purpose-built platform that automates sample test requests and results retrieval. It seamlessly integrates with your LIMS or LIS, can be used when there is no LIMS, and also can be used to submit samples to clinical HL7-based systems. It is an indispensable sample tracking tool to simplify any sample submission and management workflows.

The intuitive SampleVision portal interface can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device. Whether you’re using a desktop in the lab or an office; from your mobile phone or tablet in the field or on the go; or your laptop at home—the SampleVision app can tell you instantly where your samples are in the testing process. Its capabilities open up the potential of better decision making to far more stakeholders in your organization, without needing to invest in a LIMS license for each of them.

SampleVision Workflow

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Guide to Sample Submission and Tracking in SampleVision

Of course, the sample submission process in SampleVision isn’t available to just anyone. Because SampleVision takes data integrity and sample chain of custody security seriously, anyone who submits a sample must have an account. Accounts are assigned levels of permission so that some activities and reports can be access controlled. Our SampleVision team can get your lab set up quickly to submit and track samples remotely. With the appropriate SampleVision login credentials and permissions, your remote sites and technicians can log samples without needing a LIMS license, and your decision makers have all of the necessary information at their fingertips, whenever they want it.

Sample Tracking and Management Without a LIMS License

One of the most convenient features of SampleVision is the dashboard that helps you track your samples during the testing process and manage them efficiently. The dashboard windows are updated automatically (with a refresh rate you can customize) to inform users where their samples are at all times. A ;LIMS license isn’t needed to view the SampleVision dashboard. SampleVision can be configured to provide real-time updates via push notifications about the status and location of your samples. These features help SampleVision streamline the organization and storage of your sample data.

Collaboration with Sample Testing Facilities

A significant pain point within organizations that use a central lab for testing is the limited visibility into sample results due to the cost of LIMS licenses. With SampleVision, remote sites and central labs can easily collaborate and share results through the portal. Access to SampleVision anytime, anywhere, through the mobile app facilitates effective communication and feedback between all interested parties. Shared data makes for better scheduling and decision making across the organization.

Ensuring Data Security and Confidentiality

Rest assured that your sample data is safe and confidential with SampleVision. The data integrity of sample statuses and results is maintained by SampleVision’s secure socket locator (SSL) encryption to allow central labs to securely share sample details with collection sites, and vice versa. SampleVision adheres to industry regulations to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your samples. Cloud hosting options include the ability to partition your data within the server for complete autonomy.

How would the ability to submit samples without a LIMS license improve your lab’s operations? Contact us to learn more.