WEBINAR: Remote Sample Collection—Save Time and Reduce Risk

Chain of custody errors are always a possibility when you’re dealing with humans collecting samples in the field. Logging the samples in the field would save time for your technicians when the samples arrive in the lab, and assure the provenance of the samples. With SampleVision™ in your sample kit, chain of custody errors can be reduced or eliminated, and your lab will be more efficient, too.

Request this recording and explore the SampleVision solution to uncover the possibilities of how it can streamline your processes and increase the overall efficiency of your laboratory and sample testing process through the purpose-built mobile or web portal solution.

With SampleVision™, your users can log samples and see their lab results from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Why SampleVision is the portal you need for analysis requests and results retrieval
  • How to simplify submitting samples and retrieving results on the go
  • How the central lab and the remote site will benefit from SampleVision
  • What information flows between SampleVision and your LIMS
  • How SampleVision can be configured to capture the data you need to send to LIMS
  • Which LIMS are compatible with SampleVision
  • How SampleVision can be deployed at your lab

Webinar Remote Sample Collection