WEBINAR: SampleVision™ – Get Lab Results from Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device

As a testing lab, you have most likely experienced a demanding group of sample submitters. They want their samples analyzed and their results back yesterday.  All of their inquiries for updates keep you glued to the phone or computer and your response is never quick enough for them.  It would be easier to give them direct access to your LIMS but this can be cost prohibitive and would require LIMS user training. So, what do you do?

Join our product expert as he shows you how SampleVision™ can streamline your sample submission and analysis request process and speed up the retrieval of results from LIMS by pushing results to your requesters through the easy to use and purpose-built SampleVision portal.

With SampleVision, your users can see their lab results from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Key Take-Aways:

  • See why SampleVision is the portal you need for analysis requests and results retrieval
  • Understand how the central lab and the remote site will benefit from SampleVision
  • Learn what information flows between SampleVision and your LIMS
  • Hear which LIMS are compatible with SampleVision
  • Learn how SampleVision can be deployed at your lab
  • Discover the dashboards and reporting tools available