WEBINAR RECORDING: Introducing SampleVision™ v3.0 – A boon for GxP Industries

This is what regulated industries have been waiting for—a GxP-compliant portal where non-laboratory users can submit analytical sample requests from anywhere on any device, and securely retrieve the results, including electronic signature information!

Ranging from supporting raw material testing for a contract manufacturing facility, to sample recording for clinical testing, and food hygiene testing—SampleVision v3.0 can now address multiple use cases easily and efficiently.

Experts discuss how SampleVision v3.0 can reboot your sample submission and analysis request process. The webinar includes several detailed industry examples demonstrating how each new feature can add value to its industry’s daily processes.

Key Take-Aways: 

  • Learn about the new features that make SampleVision v3.0 GXP compliant
  • Discover how SampleVision v3.0 can precisely map sampling locations and upload them to a LIMS
  • Hear practical industry examples for the use of SampleVision v3.0 and the value its new features bring

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