WEBINAR RECORDING: Next-Gen Data Capture: Getting Fair Data Without Impairing Scientists’ Efficiency?

Watch this recorded webinar with LabTwin Head of Engineering Jonas Kulessa to learn how LabTwin digital lab assistant supports FAIRdata.

Replacing paper lab notebooks with electronic lab notebooks (ELN) allowed for a higher digitalization of the data. However, this gain is often at the expense of efficiency, as scientists must interrupt their workflow to enter new data, log into the ELN, and type the information into the dedicated space.

LabTwin, believes that next-generation data capture is mobile and user-centric. By developing a voice-powered digital lab assistant for scientists, they intend to integrate seamlessly into the workflow while enabling a higher data quality.

What to learn from this webinar?

> How scientists can be supported in their experiment execution by LabTwin digital lab assistant
> How to ensure seamless data capture at specific points of the workflow
> How having a digital companion in the lab increases data quality and quantity
> How LabTwin can integrate with lab informatics systems through its Open API


LabTwin - Next Gen Data Capture-Getting Fair Data Without Impairing Scientists’ Efficiency