LabTwin Client Testimonial: Envalior

Envalior, a global engineering materials organization, is using LabTwin to build its Lab of the Future. Hear how the use of a hands-free, AI voice-enabled digital assistant has allowed Envalior to achieve efficiency and safety in the lab. The increased data capture and accuracy that LabTwin provides is helping their organization as they adopt AI tools for better business decision making.

The Power of LabTwin

  • LabTwin can connect to your lab informatics ecosystem.
  • LabTwin enables real-time, hands-free, accurate data access remotely.
  • LabTwin provides advanced voice technology trained on a large natural-language processing model. It is 95% accurate with its digital dictation.
  • Data captured with LabTwin is automatically processed and structured to facilitate downstream FAIR data integration and wise business decisions
  • LabTwin enables better documentation and makes regulatory compliance easier