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Keep Your Automated Chain of Custody Secure with SampleVision

July 24, 2023 A secure sample collection process is essential for accurate results and maintaining quality control in any lab. Implementing a secure chain of custody features can have a wide range of benefits for laboratories and research institutions. Chains of custody are intended to document the steps that samples are subjected to, and who […]

LIMS Wizards Unveils SampleVision™ v3.1 at Pittcon 2023

February 28, 2023 Visit Booth 1316 at Pittcon 2023 for Hands-on Demonstrations of SampleVision v3.1 NEWARK, DE, USA, February 28, 2023 /, a global scientific software solutions provider, announces the launch of version 3.1 of SampleVision at Pittcon 2023 in Philadelphia. The latest version includes expanded interfaces to clinical systems (LIS, etc.) via HL7 format […]

SampleVision™ v3.0—Access to Lab Results from Anywhere for FDA Regulated Environments

August 31, 2022  NEWARK, Delaware –LIMS Wizards, LLC, a global scientific software solutions provider, announces the launch of version 3.0 of SampleVision. The latest version offers full regulatory compliance for life sciences customers via audit trail and electronic signatures as well as cutting-edge features like geolocation services, dashboards, configurable reports, image capture and barcoding.    Bob […]
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WEBINAR RECORDING: Introducing SampleVision™ v3.0 – A boon for GxP Industries

This is what regulated industries have been waiting for—a GxP-compliant portal where non-laboratory users can submit analytical sample requests from anywhere on any device, and securely retrieve the results, including electronic signature information! Ranging from supporting raw material testing for a contract manufacturing facility, to sample recording for clinical testing, and food hygiene testing—SampleVision v3.0 […]

Key Take-Aways: 

  • Learn about the new features that make SampleVision v3.0 GXP compliant
  • Discover how SampleVision v3.0 can precisely map sampling locations and upload them to a LIMS
  • Hear practical industry examples for the use of SampleVision v3.0 and the value its new features bring

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SampleVision™ 2.1— Transforming the End User Experience for Labs Everywhere

November 18, 2021 NEWARK, Delaware –LIMS Wizards, LLC, a global scientific software solutions provider, is introducing version 2.1 of SampleVision. New User and Administrator configuration tools allow any non-GxP laboratory customer or user to securely submit analysis requests, receive automatic notifications when results are ready, and download results to their favorite device. Version 2.1 adds […]
Webinar Remote Sample Collection

WEBINAR: Remote Sample Collection—Save Time and Reduce Risk

Chain of custody errors are always a possibility when you’re dealing with humans collecting samples in the field. Logging the samples in the field would save time for your technicians when the samples arrive in the lab, and assure the provenance of the samples. With SampleVision™ in your sample kit, chain of custody errors can […]

Key Take-Aways:

  • Why SampleVision is the portal you need for analysis requests and results retrieval
  • How to simplify submitting samples and retrieving results on the go
  • How the central lab and the remote site will benefit from SampleVision
  • What information flows between SampleVision and your LIMS
  • How SampleVision can be configured to capture the data you need to send to LIMS
  • Which LIMS are compatible with SampleVision
  • How SampleVision can be deployed at your lab

Webinar Remote Sample Collection

New Mobile Accessibility In SampleVision™ 2.0 From LIMS Wizards

July 21, 2021 Original Article posted on Tech Company News An interview with Bob Jackson from LIMS Wizards Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to your company? A: LIMS Wizards offers products that complement laboratory information management systems (LIMS) to encourage organizational digital transformation and improve scientific data integrity, visualization, and analytics. […]

SampleVision™ 2.0 by LIMS Wizards—Sample Submitting and Results at Your Fingertips

June 17, 2021 NEWARK, Delaware –LIMS Wizards, LLC, a global scientific software solutions provider, is pleased to announce that version 2.0 of SampleVision™ is now available. A customer portal that easily allows sites to request analyses and retrieve results, SampleVision has new features that enhance efficiency when submitting samples to the laboratory and reviewing results. […]

Filling in the Blanks of Leading LIMS with SampleVision™

March 9, 2021 Original Article posted on Technology Networks Community: Informatics | Article # 346412 LIMS are powerful, but often complex tools. These big software packages, designed to assist labs in their sample processing and data handling capabilities, can’t meet every need, and a growing field of companies has sprung up to offer labs supplementary […]