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LabTwin Demo Video

LabTwin™ Demo Video

See how easy it is to use LabTwin, step by step, through AI and voice-empowered technology.

The Power of LabTwin

  • LabTwin can connect to your lab informatics ecosystem.
  • LabTwin enables real-time, hands-free, accurate data access remotely.
  • LabTwin provides advanced voice technology trained on a large natural-language processing model. It is 95% accurate with its digital dictation.
  • Data captured with LabTwin is automatically processed and structured to facilitate downstream FAIR data integration and wise business decisions
  • LabTwin enables better documentation and makes regulatory compliance easier
SampleVision Demo Video

SampleVision™ Demo Video

SampleVision™ reduces headaches at both ends of the sample testing process by automating sample requests and results retrieval through a mobile-friendly, cloud-based application that can be accessed anywhere. If you are a central lab or a remote site that still relies on a paper process for sample requests and test analysis, then this video is […]

Do you…

  •  ever wonder why there isn’t a mobile app for your nonlaboratory users?
  •  often wait a long time to get testing results back from an overwhelmed lab?
  •  field constant email or phone requests from people asking for samples or test results?
  •  receive testing requests via paper or pdf forms that have missing fields and spelling errors

Learn More With SampleVision, Your Users San See Their Lab Results from Anywhere, Anytime, on any Sevice.