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Case Studies

How do you take notes while performing surgery?

  • In vivo experiments during preclinical development require extensive documentation such as the real-time effects of drug dosing or monitoring the time of certain surgical procedures.
  • A LabTwin user found she was constantly needing to interrupt surgical procedures to note down key data such as ECG traces, anesthetic administration or biopsy sampling.

Time-stamp all the measurements and steps

  • Time-stamped procedures and findings for every experiment
  • Fewer distractions and interruptions during surgery
  • Pre- and post-surgical animal data can be stored and traced in one place

Improving Lab Efficiency: How dsm-firmenich Leveraged LabTwin’s Digital Lab Assistant

  • Challenge: dsm-firmenich faced the common struggle of manual documentation at the bench slowing down processes in their labs. The need for improved data quality, efficiency, and digital capabilities became paramount to accelerate innovation cycles.
  • Solution: By rolling out LabTwin, dsm-firmenich revolutionized their lab operations by lowering the threshold for documentation. LabTwin’s real-time assistance and integration with their existing Revvity ELN Signals Notebook empowered scientists to capture data hands-free and streamline workflows.
  • Impressive Impact: With LabTwin, dsm-firmenich achieved 100% real-time digitization of lab data, overall data capture increased by 16% and scientists reported an averaged time saving of 56 minutes per week!

Introducing Microscopy and GXP with Lab Twin. Safely annotate microscopic findings, such as drug efficiency or toxicity, in low-light conditions and seamlessly transition from R&D to commercialization in regulated industries.

LabTwin’s user-based Audit Trails ensure compliance, enabling real-time documentation without pen and paper—experience uninterrupted, compliant experiments with LabTwin’s digital lab assistant. Unlock this case study today!