SampleVision™ v3.0—Access to Lab Results from Anywhere for FDA Regulated Environments

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NEWARK, Delaware –LIMS Wizards, LLC, a global scientific software solutions provider, announces the launch of version 3.0 of SampleVision. The latest version offers full regulatory compliance for life sciences customers via audit trail and electronic signatures as well as cutting-edge features like geolocation services, dashboards, configurable reports, image capture and barcoding.   

Bob Jackson, Director, had this to say: “SampleVision v3.0 delivers support for any type of FDA-regulated laboratory via a full audit trail, enhanced security, and electronic signature support for all reports. Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, vaccine development, contract manufacturing, and clinical organizations can now take advantage of SampleVision’s industry-leading cloud-based mobile technology.”

These new features in SampleVision v3.0 allow LIMS Wizards’ customers in regulated industries to extend accessibility to their LIMS capabilities to users outside of the lab. All users can submit any kind of request, sample, or test—including routine tests that are run repeatedly—for any industry or lab type. The iOS and Android apps have enhanced drilldown capability on the dashboards and users will receive automated notifications at lab-configured frequencies when the results are ready for viewing.  Users can capture images or GPS locations from the sampling operations if they choose.

SampleVision v3.0 retains the features customers rely on—the ability for any laboratory customer or user to securely submit analysis requests, receive automatic notifications when results are ready, and download results to their favorite device. SampleVision supports LIMS solutions that handle more than 80% of the global LIMS market, without customization or additional LIMS licenses.  

The SampleVision™ mobile app runs on Apple iOS or Android smartphones and tablets. SampleVision is currently available with English, Spanish, and French language capabilities and is supported on Chrome and Firefox for Windows and Android, and on Safari for Apple iOS devices.

Learn more about the new features of SampleVision v3.0 by requesting the recent webinar recording

About LIMS Wizards, LLC

LIMS Wizards, LLC, a global scientific software solutions provider, develops intuitive products that fulfill unmet needs at the interface of the lab and the rest of the organization. Our products encourage organizational digital transformation and improve scientific data integrity, visualization, and analytics. Our solutions are designed for simple implementation, so those who use scientific data can be guided to wise business decisions. 

WEBINAR RECORDING: Introducing SampleVision™ v3.0 – A boon for GxP Industries

This is what regulated industries have been waiting for—a GxP-compliant portal where non-laboratory users can submit analytical sample requests from anywhere on any device, and securely retrieve the results, including electronic signature information!

Ranging from supporting raw material testing for a contract manufacturing facility, to sample recording for clinical testing, and food hygiene testing—SampleVision v3.0 can now address multiple use cases easily and efficiently.

Experts discuss how SampleVision v3.0 can reboot your sample submission and analysis request process. The webinar includes several detailed industry examples demonstrating how each new feature can add value to its industry’s daily processes.

Key Take-Aways: 

  • Learn about the new features that make SampleVision v3.0 GXP compliant
  • Discover how SampleVision v3.0 can precisely map sampling locations and upload them to a LIMS
  • Hear practical industry examples for the use of SampleVision v3.0 and the value its new features bring

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SampleVision™ Demo Video

SampleVision™ reduces headaches at both ends of the sample testing process by automating sample requests and results retrieval through a mobile-friendly, cloud-based application that can be accessed anywhere.

If you are a central lab or a remote site that still relies on a paper process for sample requests and test analysis, then this video is for you. SampleVision is a customer portal by LIMS Wizards that automates the sample request and retrieval process – from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Do you…

  •  ever wonder why there isn’t a mobile app for your nonlaboratory users?
  •  often wait a long time to get testing results back from an overwhelmed lab?
  •  field constant email or phone requests from people asking for samples or test results?
  •  receive testing requests via paper or pdf forms that have missing fields and spelling errors

Learn More With SampleVision, Your Users San See Their Lab Results from Anywhere, Anytime, on any Sevice.


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