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Are you AI Digital Lab Assistant Curious?

June 20, 2024 As a scientist working in the lab, have you ever thought that it would sure be nice if you had an assistant that transcribed your documentation for you? Someone who was ready and willing to assist you at your spoken command? That set your timer and prompted you for required data? Perhaps […]

White Paper Integrate Voice into your Lab Informatics Strategy

Research scientists typically spend 50-80% of their time at the bench, often struggling to record data or access information efficiently.

LabTwin is an innovative, voice-activated tool with open APIs that ensure seamless integration into your existing lab informatics systems. It’s a mobile, user-friendly interface, transforming the way you work in the lab. Imagine a future where you can control experiments, manage lab equipment, record results, and access data from anywhere in the world—all through voice commands.

Elevate your research capabilities and step into the future of laboratory informatics.

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How do you take notes while performing surgery?

  • In vivo experiments during preclinical development require extensive documentation such as the real-time effects of drug dosing or monitoring the time of certain surgical procedures.
  • A LabTwin user found she was constantly needing to interrupt surgical procedures to note down key data such as ECG traces, anesthetic administration or biopsy sampling.

Time-stamp all the measurements and steps

  • Time-stamped procedures and findings for every experiment
  • Fewer distractions and interruptions during surgery
  • Pre- and post-surgical animal data can be stored and traced in one place

Improving Lab Efficiency: How dsm-firmenich Leveraged LabTwin’s Digital Lab Assistant

  • Challenge: dsm-firmenich faced the common struggle of manual documentation at the bench slowing down processes in their labs. The need for improved data quality, efficiency, and digital capabilities became paramount to accelerate innovation cycles.
  • Solution: By rolling out LabTwin, dsm-firmenich revolutionized their lab operations by lowering the threshold for documentation. LabTwin’s real-time assistance and integration with their existing Revvity ELN Signals Notebook empowered scientists to capture data hands-free and streamline workflows.
  • Impressive Impact: With LabTwin, dsm-firmenich achieved 100% real-time digitization of lab data, overall data capture increased by 16% and scientists reported an averaged time saving of 56 minutes per week!

LabTwin - Next Gen Data Capture-Getting Fair Data Without Impairing Scientists’ Efficiency

WEBINAR RECORDING: Next-Gen Data Capture: Getting Fair Data Without Impairing Scientists’ Efficiency?

Watch this recorded webinar with LabTwin Head of Engineering Jonas Kulessa to learn how LabTwin digital lab assistant supports FAIRdata. Replacing paper lab notebooks with electronic lab notebooks (ELN) allowed for a higher digitalization of the data. However, this gain is often at the expense of efficiency, as scientists must interrupt their workflow to enter […]

What to learn from this webinar?

> How scientists can be supported in their experiment execution by LabTwin digital lab assistant
> How to ensure seamless data capture at specific points of the workflow
> How having a digital companion in the lab increases data quality and quantity
> How LabTwin can integrate with lab informatics systems through its Open API


LabTwin - Next Gen Data Capture-Getting Fair Data Without Impairing Scientists’ Efficiency

Learn how to safely annotate microscopic findings such as drug efficiency or toxicity in the dark. Complement your image recognition software and smoothly transition from R&D feasibility to commercialization in regulated industries with user-based Audit Trails.

Introducing Microscopy and GXP with Lab Twin. Safely annotate microscopic findings, such as drug efficiency or toxicity, in low-light conditions and seamlessly transition from R&D to commercialization in regulated industries.

LabTwin’s user-based Audit Trails ensure compliance, enabling real-time documentation without pen and paper—experience uninterrupted, compliant experiments with LabTwin’s digital lab assistant. Unlock this case study today!

To compete in the era of Industry 4.0, laboratories must leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The use cases in this white paper will show you why working with LabTwin can accelerate your organization’s realization of value from AI and ML. 

Request this white paper to read the presented use cases for situations familiar to many in biotechnology and pharmaceutical labs:

  • Converting protocols
  • Querying information at the bench
  • Automatic data structuring
  • Anomaly detection


WP_LabTwin_Why ELNs Need a Helping Hand

The most significant drawback to an electronic lab notebook (ELN) is that it lives on a desktop computer and is often far from the lab bench. The risk of data loss or corruption is high when humans must remember to transcribe results correctly.

In this white paper, learn how LabTwin’s accurate, hands-free voice capture functions as your digital lab assistant at the bench to: 

  • Reduced human error
  • Increased access to methods, protocols, and scientific information
  • Increased interfacing with the ELN and instruments

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LIMS Wizards at Pittcon Press Release Image

LIMS Wizards Unveils New Features of LabTwin and SampleVision 3.1 at Pittcon 2024

February 08, 2024 Visit Booth 940 in San Diego, February 26 to 28, for Hands-on Demonstrations NEWARK, Delaware –LIMS Wizards, LLC, a global scientific software solutions provider, will exhibit LabTwin and SampleVision at Pittcon 2024. Both products have made technological advances to provide the end user with increased functionality across various industries. These features will […]